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Legendary Basketball Coach Bobby Cremins says "Linda LeClaire and Dr. Bryce Young are the best Sport Psychology Team I have worked with in my coaching career. They created a complete Mental Toughness Training Program for our College of Charleston Basketball team. This program definitely made a difference in our season! I recommend them highly!"

LeClaire Young On The Loose On The Airwaves

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Australian Open 2013

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Just four more days and we are off to Australia. Life is good!

I hope to Blog from Australia letting you know what we are doing. We have been asked to speak at the

Tennis Australia Grand Slam Coaches Conference. Our topics include: The Confidence Factor, Energy Traps and The Courtside Coach! We will be speaking four or five times on different topics.

We are so excited and honored to be speaking at this prestigious conference! Let us know if you are interested in hearing about our experiences in Australia and New Zealand!

2013 Tennis Australia Coaches Conference.

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Bryce and I are excited to be invited by Tennis Australia as Speakers for their 2013 Grand Slam Coaches Conference! We will be staying on for the Australian Open. We will be providing our LeClaire/Young Mental Game Training Program in Australia and New Zealand. Check here for updates!

NBA Draft Prospect Andrew Goudelock Update

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Andrew Goudelock with his Mental Coach Linda LeClaire

Andrew Goudelock with his Mental Coach Linda LeClaire


Many of you have been following Andrew Goudelock and his journey to the NBA.

We are so proud of Drew.  He remains humble while expressing great strength

and ability. This is the kind of man  the NBA needs. He is a role model that children can

admire and imitate. He is willing to work hard. He is a team player. 

He uses Confidence without arrogance. It is an attractive quality. He works on his Mental Game

and knows how important it is to his success.

He loves basketball and has fun when he plays. This is what we teach all the athletes

working with us. It is a game! It is meant to be fun. And, best of all, if you are having

fun you are playing from love-not fear!

Listen to an interview with Drew after working out with the Knicks:

Check out the interview and see for yourself! If the video doesn’t come up right away, click on the

Video tab at the top of the page and scroll down to find the video on Andrew Goudelock.

We will keep you up to date!

Go for it Drew! You are on your Mission!

You, too, can have the kind of Confidence Andrew Goudelock has! Check out

The Confidence Factor on our Products page and start today to Play with Confidence!

Congratulations to Andrew Goudelock

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Andrew Goudelock with his Mental Coach Linda LeClaire
Andrew Goudelock with his Mental Coach Linda LeClaire


Andrew Goudelock Three Point Champion Final Four
Andrew Goudelock Three Point Champion Final Four


Congratulations to Andrew Goudelock! Drew proved that he is definitely one of the country’s top 3-point shooters Thursday at Hofheinz Pavillion, winning the Men’s 3-Point Shooting Championship and then capturing a shootout against the women’s champion. Drew, a 6-2 senior, scored 21 points to beat Chris Warren of Mississippi for the title, then won a 16-15 squeaker over women’s champion Cerie Mosgrove of Massachusetts as a bonus. Drew was high scorer in all three rounds hitting all five shots from the final rack to beat Warren. (from the Post and Courier)
“This was the ultimate fun,” Drew said after the competition. True to his Mental Toughness Training, Drew said he stayed focused and used his confidence!
Here at Peak Performance Training we couldn’t be prouder of Drew. We are so happy for him. He enjoys working on his Mental Training and his results show the benefits of all that work.
You, too, can achieve your dreams with Peak Performance Mental Training.



Peak Performance Training with Dr. Bryce Young and Linda LeClaire Makes a Difference

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“I have had such a great experience working with Bryce and Linda.  They are compassionate, supportive, and truly care about my well-being.  My sessions with Linda have given me a whole different perspective on my self — emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  This information has touched every aspect of my life, not just my athletics.  I am more in tune with my mind and body, and feel much more confident in myself and my abilities.  I appreciate all the tools they have given me to use in my life.”
                                     Katie Mattson
                                     16 year old student – athlete

Pamela’s Poem

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 The Sky Is So Alive

                         By Pamela S Welter

Look Up . . . to the sun – for warmth and light.

Look Up . . .to the moon & stars – for wishes and dreams.

Look Up . . . to crystal blue firmament – for clarity and vision.

Look Up . . . to wispy, floating clouds – for imagination.

Look Up . . . to lightning flashes – for inspiration.

Look Up . . . to light rays and rainbows – for hope and promise.

Look Up . . . to heavenly faces – with gratitude for guidance and protection.

A world awaits. Look Up!

Play From Love! Live From Love!

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Pierre Teilhard de Chardin“Someday, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we will harness for God the energies of love and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire!”

— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
French Jesuit Priest and Philosopher


Have you noticed how the energy at tournaments or games is fearful and highly charged? If you are a player, coach or a parent coming into this energy it can affect you. Fear is contagious. Even if you arrived at the competition in good spirits you may find your mood and your energy shifting.

Be aware of the energy around you. Does it feel heavy? Does it feel scattered? Or does it feel light and flowing?  When you are in the zone you feel weightless and timeless. It is a wonderful feeling. One worth learning how to achieve.

In my book, Yes, God Speaks to Women, Too! you can learn how to live and play from a place of love. Banish fear! Banish doubt! Banish frustration! Banish anger! Feel the joy! Feel the passion! Feel the love! Live the life you are meant to live! 

Use Visualization to Raise Your Level of Performance!

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"I'm visualizing with my eyes open!"

"I'm visualizing with my eyes open!"

Have you noticed how much more grandparents are involved in the activities of their precious grandchildren? Thanks to his baseball playing  grandfather, little Alex pictured above  is  introduced to a wonderful sport before he can even sit up! Grandparents (and parents) all over the world are enjoying sharing their expertise with their grandchildren. If you are one of them, be sure to teach them to use confidence from the beginning of their introduction to sports and other activities. Look for tips on how to do this in my new book, The Confidence Factor.

Todays Peak Performance Training Tip:

Just for today, keep your thougths focused on what you want to achieve. Cast aside any thoughts that are fearful or about what you don’t want! For instance, if you are a baseball player wanting to increase your batting average, think only about hitting the ball. Replay images of yourself up to bat, feel yourself hitting the ball, see the ball land where you want it to, and finish with seeing yourself running like the wind making it safely to base. Be sure to feel the smile of  satisfaction on your face!

Remember: What you visualize, you can realize!

For more on using visualization to increase your performance go to our Products page for information on all our visualization CDs.

Congratulations Cavaliers!

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Play with Confidence!
Playing with Confidence!


CARY, N.C.     
The No. 1 Virginia men’s tennis team won its third consecutive ACC Tournament title and its fifth in the past six years by downing No. 20 Wake Forest 4-0 in Sunday’s final at the Cary Tennis Park. The Cavaliers won all three of its matches in the tournament by a 4-0 score, becoming the first team in ACC Tournament history to accomplish the feat.

“I am really proud of this championship,” said Virginia head coach Brian Boland. “We lost three of the best players in the country last year in Somdev Devvarman, Treat Huey and Teddy Angelinos. It says a lot about the young men on this team that they were able to step up this season. We have won five of the last six ACC Tournaments, but this one is really special.”

“The team is playing with a lot of confidence right now,” said Boland. “We have played a tough schedule and they have overcome some adversity.”

The Cavaliers receive the ACC’s automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament by winning the title. The field of 64 will be announced on April 28.


Congratulations to Coach Boland and the Virginia Cavaliers! We’re proud of you! You, too, can play with more Confidence! Go to our Products page to get your copy of  The Confidence Factor today!