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Legendary Basketball Coach Bobby Cremins says "Linda LeClaire and Dr. Bryce Young are the best Sport Psychology Team I have worked with in my coaching career. They created a complete Mental Toughness Training Program for our College of Charleston Basketball team. This program definitely made a difference in our season! I recommend them highly!"



  1. The Confidence Factor – By Linda LeClaire


    Legendary Basketball Coach Bobby Cremins says “Finally! A practical, easy to use book on how to activate confidence from within! Linda LeClaire is the best Mental Coach I have worked with in my coaching career. Her work on Confidence is groundbreaking! If you want your athletes, no matter the sport, to play with more confidence, then this book is for you. Linda knows coaches and she knows athletes. Its short, concise chapters offer step by step directions on how to activate confidence. Linda doesn’t just talk about how much we all want more confidence; she tells us how to activate it! This is exactly what coaches and athletes want and need! I recommend it highly!

    Top Seven Topics Covered in this Groundbreaking Book on How To Activate Confidence:

    • Your Keys to Confidence-Seven steps to activate Confidence!
    • Confidence vs. Competence!
    • Are you in a Slump? Get Out of it Now!
    • Energy Traps! Keys to Keeping Your Energy Positive!
    • Coaching Confidence-Daily Tips for Team and Player Confidence
    • Parents’ Peak Performance Training – this section is a must for all parents (& grandparents) of children in sports!
    • Taking Your Performance to the Next Level!

    “No single human quality in the outcome of our lives is more important than ones’s level of confidence. Confidence determines how we meet the challenges we face in life. The Confidence Factor gives the reader insight into how you can tap into confidence and use it to reach your lifetime goals. This book is a must-read!”

    Dennis Welter
    Minnesota Basketball Hall of Fame Coach


    “As a tennis player and former collegiate coach, I am well acquainted with the importance of confidence and positive energy in athletic success. The challenge always has been in summoning those evasive muses at the right time and on a consistent basis. Linda outlines, in a tangible and replicable manner, the action steps that can help unlock and maximize the potential that resides within each of us through channeling confidence and positive energy. This is the essence of coaching…and every coach can benefit from the insights in The Confidence Factor.”



    Peg Connor
    Sports Marketing & Promotions, Prince Sports, Inc.


    “Mahatma Gandhi said, “Love is the simplest force in all the Universe. It is also the most powerful. The Mahatma harnessed that force to empower a nation. Like our mutual friend and teacher, Qigong Master Chunyi Lin, Linda LeClaire understands the extraordinary truth of Gandhi’s words. In The Confidence Factor, Linda LeClaire lays out clearly and simply how you can “harness the greatest power in the universe” to empower your life. This book is filled with enlightening moments. I love this book. It is wonderful. It is a book you will return to time and time again.”
    Gary Rebstock
    Co-author of # 1 bestseller Born a Healer

  2. The Courtside Coach – By Dr. Bryce Young and Dr. Linda Bunker


    This easy to read training guide provides tennis players and coaches on court mental skills. Each chapter is a mental training session that can be added to every player’s game. Used by juniors, college and league players and ATP/WTA Tour Pros! Already in its seventh printing!

    “Interesting, informative, and stimulating! These ideas could be helpful to tennis players on all levels.”

    Stan SmithWimbledon and US Open Champion
    Davis Cup Star
    Former World Number One Tennis Player

    “Dr. Young and Dr. Bunker have created a unique Mental Training Program. This is a book any player and coach can use.
    Take it with you to the court!”

    JoAnne Russell – Wimbledon Doubles Champion
    Television Tennis Commentator

    “The Courtside Coach is the next best thing to having your own Mental Coach by your side at every match.


    Dr. Allen Fox
    Former US Davis Cup Player
    Author of
    “Think To Win”


  3. Yes, God Speaks To Women, Too! – By Linda LeClaire


    An inspiring message of health, healing and hope that teaches men and women how to move out of fear and live from a place of hope and love. Fear is the biggest destroyer of the body. And, even worse, fear is what keeps you from achieving your dreams. It keeps you from doing, what in your hearts, you know you can accomplish. This book will change your perception of fear forever. Linda weaves for you a path to expressing peace and joy while living a life of meaning and purpose. In this unusual and uncommon dialogue Linda gives you the instruction manual for living in a body. Find out how fear blocks your energy and what you can do to overcome it and succeed.

    “I’m just starting the racing season and working hard every day. Linda’s conversation on fear and love is incredible! I need this knowledge now! Because of the way it is explained in this book, I’m finally beginning to understand. It is helping me in so many ways. Thank you, Linda, for writing it.”


    Marnie Hensel
    Gold Medal Winner
    Downhill Racer

    “This is a delightful training book for the soul. With it, you will learn how to open up lines of real communication between the many parts of yourself that make up your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul. I highly recommend it.”

    Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.
    Award winning author of
    The Spiritual Universe
    Co-Author of

    The Secret
    Popular Guest on Larry King Live!

  4. The Whole Kid Peace Activity Book – By Linda LeClaire, Pamela S. Welter,
    Peggy Henrikson, Lorraine O. Moore, Ph.D.


    Would you like to create more peace in your world and in the world of the children you teach? This book is a wholistic approach to developing personal peace. It is for teachers, parents, or group leaders to use with children ages 5-14. It is organized into activities that are easy to use and incorporate into your curriculum. It is more timely than ever.

    “As a peace educator, I highly recommend The Whole Kid Peace Activity Book because it helps us to focus on the study of peace instead of the study of violence…it is a refreshing approach among all the violence prevention materials on today’s market. If we want peace, we must teach peace, and these authors show how. They have done a wonderful job in providing activities that help children understand that living a peaceful life is fun, intriguing and interesting, as well as one of the most important contributions you can make in the world.”

    Rebecca A. Janke, Co-Director, Growing Communities for Peace

    “The Whole Kid Peace Activity Book is one of the most sought-after reference books in the professional library at our school. It is a must have book for EVERYONE who believes the future of peace depends on teaching peaceful practices to our children. With 53 practical activities and numerous fresh and creative tips for all learners, this book should be in your hands – now!”

    Jeanne Mock, M.A., k-12 Educator and Peacemaker


Peak Performance Training is happy to be able to offer these popular visualization CDs.

“With consistent use of these CDs you will see and feel a difference in your ability to achieve your goal in just three to four weeks.”
- Linda LeClaire

These eight Visual-Eyes Performance CD’s give you great tools for mental training.
They can be used as a coach’s aid during practice or privately by athletes outside of team or private training sessions.

Length: The visualization session is less than 20 minutes. The entire CD is about 40 minutes.

The LeClaire/Young visualizations work into any schedule! Athletes love that they can do their mental training before falling asleep at night.

Begin today to benefit from these great Visualization CDs/Tapes

  1. The Confidence Factor: The Seven Steps to Confidence-Now!/CD

    This CD provides a personal training program for developing confidence from within. You will learn how to be confident anytime, anyplace and in any situation. This interactive program includes a personal visualization session integrating all seven steps. Whatever your interest, this is a must for anyone who wants to be more confident!

  2. Performance in Golf/CD

    Learn to focus and stay in the moment! Guided imagery and visualization are the most effective tools for mental training. This CD guides you through the process. A smooth swing, improved putting, relaxed concentration are skills that can be enhanced through effective mental training. Used by professional as well as amateur athletes.

  3. From Anger to Athletic Excellence/CD

    This interactive mental training session will help you to focus your emotional energy for positive results while learning to channel anger and frustration into high positive energy that will enhance your game. Highly recommended for athletes who find themselves angry, frustrated and impatient too much of the time. Used by professional as well as amateur athletes in all sports.

  4. Performance in Tennis/CD

    This interactive CD develops your singles game by taking you beyond mechanics to visualizing your best on court performance. Used by professionals on the Tour as well as juniors and players of all levels who want to improve their singles play!

  5. PRP: Play Recover Prepare/CD

    This CD is a mental training session focusing on your between points game plan in tennis. With PRP you will be able to execute a plan for “playing, recovering and preparing” from the first point through match point

  6. Quantum Doubles/CD

    This interactive CD will take you beyond the mechanics of doubles and put your mind in a state of continual improvement. It teaches you how to play your best doubles with any partner. Quantum Doubles integrates winning doubles principles with synergy! A must for school team members and league players!

  7. Performance in Baseball/CD

    Improve hitting, fielding and concentration with this interactive mental training CD. This CD takes you beyond mechanics to visualizing your best on field performance. Acclaimed by the Doyle Baseball Schools as the “absolutely best mental training CD” for baseball or softball!

  8. Performance in Basketball/CD

    Do you want to improve your free throw shooting? Your offensive and defensive play? Your attitude and motivation? Top athletes in all sports use visualization. This CD gives you the tool to use visualization at its best. Learn to transfer mental toughness skills to the basketball court. A must for the whole team!

“I love the Confidence CD. It was suggested that I listen to it four times a week, but I ended up listening to it every night. The Confidence Factor CD is a good and relaxing way to end each pratice, match and day. After the first time listening to the CD, my practice session the next day was a huge improvement. I was more focused, relaxed, and had a clear intention on what I wanted to achieve that day. The Confidence CD not only made an improvement with my tennis but also improved my everyday life.”
Age 14

“I love your Visual-Eyes mental training CDs! I wish my coach would have had them when I was a junior tennis player.”
JoAnne Russell (Wimbledon Doubles Champion)

“No matter what your field of endeavor, learning to perform better means improving the all-around quality of your life. Working with Linda LeClaire and Visual-Eyes Mental Training CDs have increased the joy and fun in my life, as well as in my golf game.“
George Hallin
Investment Broker

“Linda LeClaire’s mental training program keys in on building players’ confidence. They really start believing in themselves!”
Pete Goodwin
Director of Research & Development
Internationally Acclaimed Doyle Baseball School

“If you are looking for a guide in your search for confidence, there is none better than Linda LeClaire.“

Fred Allan Wolf, Ph.D.
American Book Award Author, Taking The Quantum Leap

“Over the years we have purchased numerous Visual-Eyes Peak Performance Training products. I can say without reservation our general student population in health classes and athletes alike have benefited greatly from listening to CDs on General Confidence/Baseball and Basketball visualization. As we all know it’s one thing for a person to be introduced to these concepts and skills and another for them to internalize and use it. Anecdotally I believe our students/athletes incorporate many of the Visual-Eyes concepts in their behaviors. I believe our students/athletes are much better off for using Visual-Eyes Peak Performance Training Products. My wish is that Linda would make two more CDs specially geared to volleyball and football!”

Karl Urbaniak
Head Football and Head Baseball Coach at Mabel-Canton High School
Physical Education, Health, and Social Studies teacher

To order your CDs and Books by mail write to:

Linda LeClaire
48 Sedge Fern Drive
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926


[email protected]

Phone: 612-269-4949


  1. The Confidence Factor - $16.95
  2. The Courtside Coach - $16.95
  3. Yes, God Speaks to Women, Too! - $16.95
  4. The Whole Kid Peace Activity Book – $25.00

CDs: $15

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Peak Performance Training Retainers

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