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Legendary Basketball Coach Bobby Cremins says "Linda LeClaire and Dr. Bryce Young are the best Sport Psychology Team I have worked with in my coaching career. They created a complete Mental Toughness Training Program for our College of Charleston Basketball team. This program definitely made a difference in our season! I recommend them highly!"

Roger Federer

Posted by Linda LeClaire | Posted in Tips for Peak Performance | Posted on Apr 18,2009

If you have already read my work on Energy Traps in my new book, The Confidence Factor you will have noticed that Roger Federer is caught in his Energy Traps. He is in Arrogance and Stubbornness.

This is a mighty duel. The Arrogance tells him he can do it alone.   He doesn’t need any help. After all, he was at the top of the world for a long time. The Stubbornness tells him to keep doing what he is doing. It pushes him to make the same mistakes over and over again. Only now these mistakes  get louder and louder, uglier and uglier.

This is exactly how Energy Traps block us from achieving our goals and dreams. Remember, we are most vulnerable as we get closer and closer to our goals.

The longer he is trapped the more he begins to doubt himself. He stops doing the things that got him to the top. He stops thinking the way he thought when he was at the top of his game. He stops using Confidence. Instead he uses doubt, impatience and frustration. Everyone else can see it. But, because he is stuck in his trap he can’t see it.

Have you noticed his eyes in his interviews. They hold doubt and confusion. They even hold a little bit of shame. That is what the Energy Traps do to us. As long as he is caught in his traps he will continue down this same path of destruction.

I do see some good in this. Since Roger is so well known, we can all learn from his experience. He is demonstrating for us in vivid style how destructive our Energy Traps are and how important it is to be aware of them and to know how to escape them.

Even though I like the idea of using him as an example, I’d much prefer seeing him escape his traps and achieve his dreams. He is too fine of a man to stay trapped and just miss out on achieving his dream because he didn’t know how to escape his traps.

Do you want to make your dreams happen? Never Give Up!

Posted by Linda LeClaire | Posted in Tips for Peak Performance | Posted on Apr 18,2009

When you feel out of sync mentally and emotionally one of the bridges back to center is appreciation. Refocus your thoughts on what you have and what you appreciate in your life. Remind yourself of your mission. Then take a deep breath and tell yourself that you are stronger than ever.

Most people give up on their dreams. The people that make it do so because they never gave up. You are in charge of deciding the kind of person you are. When someone gives up they don’t just all of a sudden give up one day. They give up little by little until they no longer do what they need to do to achieve their dreams.

Read more about how to achieve your dreams in The Confidence Factor. Live the life you are meant to live!

Lose Weight With Hypnotherapy

Posted by Linda LeClaire | Posted in Hypnotherapy | Posted on Apr 17,2009

                 “I am a retired business man and now, musician and golfer.  Unfortunately with aging comes the pounds.  I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it until my clothes began to shrink and at my annual physical I was shocked to find out  that my weight was at it’s all time high.  What to do?  Take diet pills, live in the gym, count points. That is just too much for me. Then a friend of mine told me she lost twenty pounds through Hypnotherapy.  That sounded interesting. I approached it with a little skepticism but why not give it a  try.  It worked for my friend. I made an appointment with Linda Leclaire and found it to be very informative and enjoyable. Linda is very professional and discussed a plan that could work for me. We talked about what I needed, and then I was hypnotized. Now after two weeks I have already lost eight pounds.
               It’s called getting in touch with your Self Image. If you are looking for a way to enhance your life and deal with a nagging problem I suggest Linda be consulted.  She put me on the right path to deal with more than just losing weight, and I am a happier man for it.”

 B. Faust
 Hilton Head Island  SC

Hypnotherapy is great for weight loss, sports performance, reducing anxiety, and taking charge of your life. It is a gentle but powerful process. You are in control the whole time. You are not unconscious. Discover the power of hypnotherapy for yourself. Give us a call. We’d be happy to help you achieve your dreams!


Tennis Legend Stan Smith Endorses The Confidence Factor!

Posted by Linda LeClaire | Posted in The Confidence Factor | Posted on Apr 14,2009

Play with Confidence!
Play with Confidence!

We are honored to list Tennis Legend, Stan Smith in our endorsements of  The Confidence Factor!

           “Very interesting! The Confidence Factor has great application to sports and life. You’ll find practical examples of how parents, players and coaches can handle situations more positively.”

                           Stan Smith
                           Former World # 1 Tennis Player, Wimbledon Champion, USA Davis Cup Star

Hole-In-One! Congratulations Michele Redman!

Posted by Linda LeClaire | Posted in Peak Performance Training! | Posted on Apr 07,2009

It's a Hole-In-One!
It’s a Hole-In-One!

Congratulations to Michele Redman on her Hole-In-One! Michele’s Hole-In-One came on the 17th Hole at the Kraft Nabisco Championship on Sunday.  Michele finished 12th in the tournament. We’re proud of you, Michele!

Is Your Ego Hurting Your Performance?

Posted by Linda LeClaire | Posted in Tips for Peak Performance | Posted on Mar 30,2009

How do you know if your ego got in the way of your performance? One way is to notice where your mental energy is focused. Are you thinking about what other people are thinking about you? Is your mental energy going towards impressing other people? If you notice that you are thinking more about what others are thinking than on the process of your performance, your ego is probably getting in the way of your higher level performance.

If this happens to you, simply take a deep belly breath and bring your mental energy back to focusing on the Energy Fundamentals. That is, focus on your breathing, moving your feet, exuding confidence from your eyes and keeping your thoughts short, simple and positive.

Don’t let your ego lower your performance. Learn how to keep your focus on what raises your performance! Read more in The Confidence Factor. Go to our Products page to order your copy today!

More Praise for The Confidence Factor!

Posted by Linda LeClaire | Posted in The Confidence Factor | Posted on Mar 24,2009

“Congratulations Linda on your new book The Confidence Factor. The more I hear you speak and read your books the more rewarding I find you.

As you know, since 1998 I have been using Yes, God Speaks to Women Too!  and  Dr. Bryce Young’s  The Courtside Coach as part of my LET program when training tennis tournament players. I find them to be effective tools in helping develop tennis players.  I have also introduced the books to my high school tennis players, as volunteer reading.

As you most likely know working with high performance players and working with high school players present different challenges. Those challenges are not only with the player, they also include coach’s challenges, one of which is, remembering which group we are working with and how advance they are.  I see this book, The Confidence Factor, as one which not only High Performance Coaches can relate to, but more importantly which we can give to our students and they can relate to, probably better than we have tried to explained.

The Almighty has truly blessed you and in return blessed us with your sharing of the gifts you possess.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for helping us unleash ours and our student’s potential.”

Coach John Danise

Thank you, Coach Danise!
We so appreciate your feedback on The Confidence Factor. Thank you for all you do for the young athletes fortunate enough to have you as their Coach!

Congratulations Joyce On Your Great Play!

Posted by Linda LeClaire | Posted in The Confidence Factor | Posted on Mar 23,2009

As both a tennis player and golfer, I have benefitted from the strategies discussed in  The Confidence Factor.  In a recent two day golf tournament I focused especially on having a positive attitude and not dwelling on mistakes-(even after taking 9 strokes on a par 4!) I believe that being able to focus with confidence on each stroke enabled me to win the tournament. Thanks, Linda!

Joyce Braude
Tennis & Golf
Hilton Head Island, SC

Congratulations Joyce on your awesome play! 

You, too, can learn to activate the Confidence Energy and see the difference in YOUR game!
Go to our Products  page to order your copy of The Confidence Factor today!

The Confidence Factor

Posted by Linda LeClaire | Posted in The Confidence Factor | Posted on Mar 22,2009

The Confidence Factor is here and now! Linda LeClaire demystifies how to play the game of life with purity and simplicity, empowering the reader to win at any given moment.  The Confidence Factor  gifts its readers with strategies brilliantly available to the memory.  A book that can be applied to sports, work and everyday life.”
Nova Ianuzzi
Realtor® with Century 21 Southern Lifestyle Properties

Thank you, Nova, for your generous feedback on The Confidence Factor. We love hearing from readers. Write to us with your stories of how activating confidence as an Energy Tool has helped you in your life.

Peak Performance Training Speeds Up Recovery From Injury

Posted by Linda LeClaire | Posted in Peak Performance Training! | Posted on Mar 21,2009

“The techniques that I learned from Linda LeClaire have helped me throughout my college tennis career.  I missed the entire spring season of my junior year with a wrist injury. In coming back for my senior season I had to completely rebuild my forehand to take the stress off my right wrist.

I found that the concentration techniques including breathing, heart rate control, and positive mindset that I have gleaned from my work with Linda were able to speed my recovery. Despite the adjustments I was forced to make in the mechanics of my stroke, I have been able to return as a stronger player both tactically and mentally, allowing me to assume a starting role for my senior season.

I owe a significant amount of this comeback to Linda. Many thanks!” 
Logan West
Washington, DC

Thanks Logan. We are so proud of you! Keep up the great work! We know you will be highly successful in your future endeavors.