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Legendary Basketball Coach Bobby Cremins says "Linda LeClaire and Dr. Bryce Young are the best Sport Psychology Team I have worked with in my coaching career. They created a complete Mental Toughness Training Program for our College of Charleston Basketball team. This program definitely made a difference in our season! I recommend them highly!"

Peak Performance Training Speeds Up Recovery From Injury

Posted by Linda LeClaire | Posted in Peak Performance Training! | Posted on Mar 21, 2009

“The techniques that I learned from Linda LeClaire have helped me throughout my college tennis career.  I missed the entire spring season of my junior year with a wrist injury. In coming back for my senior season I had to completely rebuild my forehand to take the stress off my right wrist.

I found that the concentration techniques including breathing, heart rate control, and positive mindset that I have gleaned from my work with Linda were able to speed my recovery. Despite the adjustments I was forced to make in the mechanics of my stroke, I have been able to return as a stronger player both tactically and mentally, allowing me to assume a starting role for my senior season.

I owe a significant amount of this comeback to Linda. Many thanks!” 
Logan West
Washington, DC

Thanks Logan. We are so proud of you! Keep up the great work! We know you will be highly successful in your future endeavors.

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