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March Madness!

Posted by Linda LeClaire | Posted in Basketball | Posted on Mar 07, 2009

Basketball Heaven! 
Dustin Scott of The College of Charleston has career high 16 rebounds!
Dustin Scott of The College of Charleston has career high 16 rebounds!

Basketball fans around the country are following their favorite teams and even some not so favorite. Who will rise to the top? Which teams will make it to the Big Dance? Even if you aren’t an ardent fan during the regular season it is hard to resist the lure of March Madness.

The College of Charleston advanced to the quarterfinals last night with a win over UNC Greensboro. Dustin Scott is a senior on the team and a fine young man. He has a heart of gold. I still remember how he made a last second basket to win against Temple in one of his first games playing for The College of Charleston. He was quoted after the game, “Seeing that smile on Coach Cremin’s face made me so happy!”

It isn’t unusual for Dustin to think outside of himself. He cares about his teammates and his family, and it shows.  Dustin is just one of many players you will be seeing play this month who is so much more than the game he loves to play! So enjoy the madness! Embrace it! It is a game and it is fun!
Who are you cheering for?

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